Annual Boiler Inspection

When it comes to your annual boiler inspections, the city allows clients to submit inspection results on any given day of the calendar year (as long as submitted within 30 days of the inspection date). Upon completing the annual boiler inspection, the average companies file the results to the city regardless of what they report. This can be problematic for the client as the client would then be on the clock to resolve any defects that were noted on the report.
Here at Metro, we take additional steps in order to ensure that we are submitting a clean report. To ensure that you pass your annual boiler inspection with no defects, it is best to contract with a vendor like Metro that will perform an initial inspection on your boiler, diagnose if boiler passed inspection OR if they have certain defects that need to be addressed. We then propose the items, and allow client to have opportunity to accept/decline – before we file with the city. If a client denies the proposed work, we will file with the city a report noting those defects. But if the client accepts the work, we will perform the work, re-inspect to make sure boiler meets code, and file a CLEAN report. This saves the client having to pay additional fees to make the secondary filing of an Affirmation of Corrections (otherwise known as a BO-13 form; mandatory to file if the original boiler report noted hazardous defects that were in need of correction).

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