Biofilm Monitoring – AWT Cooling Subcommittee

Press Release Date:     January 22, 2021

“Biofilm Monitoring: A How-To Guide for Practical Cooling Water Management” makes the cover page of the most recent edition of “the Analyst”, the water treatment industry’s premier periodical published by the Association of Water Technologies.

Authored by AWT Cooling Subcommittee Representatives John Caloritis, CWT of The Metro Group, Inc., Keith Johnson of Keith M. Johnson Consulting, Richard Rosser, Ph.D. of AMSA, Inc., and Derrick Vandenberg, CWT of Guardian Chemicals Inc., the article is based on a six-month study completed in 2019.  The primary objective of this study was to examine methods that could be completed on a typical cooling water service visit, and without reliance on an external laboratory for testing.  The study included a six-month testing program conducted in four very different water systems to evaluate the selected biofilm collection equipment and analysis methods. The water systems included one building heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) systems, one R&D Center, one process cooling system on high suspended particulate solids using river water makeup, and one industrial process water system with high fouling contaminant load.

The article concludes that either a standard corrosion coupon rack or a Modified Robbins Device can be used to adequately collect biofilm in a bypass arrangement and that stainless-steel coupons or studs provide suitable and technically appropriate biofilm collection surfaces which support analysis by the ATP and HMB® methods. These allow for sample collection to occur conveniently, consistently, and reproducibly.

John Caloritis, CWT, Technical Director for The Metro Group, Inc. has been the chair of the AWT Cooling Subcommittee since 2018, and together with a committed group of WT Industry professionals has helped to author and develop several value-added studies and guides which have contributed to the advancement of the water treatment industry.  Most recently, Mr. Caloritis was elected to serve on the Board of the Association of Water Technologies.

Headquartered in Long Island City, NY, The Metro Group, Inc. is a water treatment, mechanical and electrical service, and installation contractor.  An industry leader since 1925, the company specializes in the commercial, multi- family residential and institutional market sectors.   Comprised of “Best in Class” companies like National Mechanical Services, Response Electric and Lazar Mechanical, The Metro Group provides service, repairs, installs, retro-fits, conversions, and equipment sales for thousands of HVAC systems and water-based process systems.  Additionally, the company is a leader in water-hygiene and water safety management.

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