The Metro Group is not only dedicated and proficient in maintaining the operation of your boiler, but also the legally required compliance aspects of owning and operating a boiler. Our boiler compliance department is experts at understanding the complex NYC and NYS DOB and DEP regulations. We actively monitor City and State databases to identify current violations, and expiration dates of your equipment. Our field staff is proficient in any and all inspections, boiler room code, and has the ability to clear violations on your building.

Boiler Legalizations

As boiler compliance experts, we often find that boilers and burners have been installed in NYC without the proper permits, filing, and often are not up to DOB code. To fix these issues can be very complicated, but supremely important to protect the building from liability and most importantly to ensure that there are no dangerous conditions present for your residents. Working closely with our Engineering and Expediting partners we can propose how to legalize a boiler system that was installed improperly.

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