Boiler Re-tubing: On Site Work

Below are pictures of a recent boiler tube replacement in Brooklyn. During this project we Torched and cut 25 old, corroded bottom boiler tubes (picture 1). Once cut, these tubes are removed from the boiler and the boiler room itself. The boiler vessel and tube drum are then flushed clean. Twenty five new U.S steel boiler tubes are then installed and rolled tight for a proper seal with the front and back tube sheets (picture 2). The boiler is filled with water, recharged with our inhibitor for proper chemical protection (a necessity with new steel and fresh make up water now inside the boiler), and the boiler doors are re-gasketed and checked for leaks. In addition to the replacing the boiler tubes, we also installed a new Dry Oven and interior insulating refractory wall (picture 3 and 4).

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