The Metro Group’s Boiler Mechanical Division is excited to offer any and all boiler maintenance services and repairs you may need. Our highly skilled union mechanics operate the largest fleet of boiler dedicated vehicles in the NYC area. Our professional Account Management team will walk you though any repairs needed and keep you informed about the progress of your project. Below is a list of the major services and repairs we offer, but if you are looking for something not listed below rest assured if it’s in your boiler room we can help.


Insulating boiler room piping is one of the most cost effective measures a building can take to reduce fuel costs. Properly insulating boiler room piping with code compliant insulation typically has a 6 – 10 month ROI. In addition, uninsulated pipes can reach 450 degrees, putting building staff in risk of injury and increasing the risk for fires. The Metro Group’s insulation team is highly skilled and knowledgeable in NYC code. Not only will they save you money on fuel, but they will make your boiler room look amazing!

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