Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Incentives

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Incentives

By Luke Wonnell

Did you know that NYSERDA allocated $82 Million in financial incentives for the installation of grid-connected Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems in New York?  And did you know that PSEG offers rebates up to $2 Million for qualified CHP projects in Long Island?

According to NYSERDA’s website, applications for this program must be received by December 31st, 2018although they have made public comments they intend to extend the program beyond this day.  However, in order to extend the shelf life of this program, NYSERDA has been forced to make cuts to the rebate amounts which are expected to drop again starting March 1st, 2018!

The financial incentives available from NYSERDA or PSEG are critical to maximizing the project’s return on investment, so if you have ever considered adding a CHP system to your building, it’s important you act quickly. Once this $82 Million is gone, it’s gone for good and as the great Wayne Gretzky once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

National Mechanical Services, Inc. (a division of The Metro Group) has years of successful CHP project experience through its partnership with Tegogen ( For more information on this partnership and specific project information, read the article at the link below:

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For more information on NYSERDA’s CHP Program (PON 2568), visit the following address:

For more information on PSEG’s CHP Program for customers in Long Island, visit the following address:

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