ConEd Multifamily Gas Conversion Incentive Program – Must Apply Before May 18th!

By Luke Wonnell

ConEdison has structured a generous incentive program for multifamily buildings still on No. 4 heating oil, but you MUST submit your application BEFORE May 18th in order to qualify!  Click the link below for more information on this program:

This program is structured for multifamily buildings with 5-100 units and prioritizes customers who are still burning No. 4 heating oil.  ConEd is offering a $500 per unit incentive (up to maximum $50,000) ANDadditional equipment incentives (up to maximum $25,000).  These incentives will help pay for a portion of the project and expedite your ROI on the gas conversion project.

In order to qualify for this program you need to act quickly.  Call your Account Manager today to schedule a site assessment and see if you’re a good candidate for this program!


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