The Metro Guarantee:
pay for a Cooling Tower violation related to our work

New York's
Cooling Tower Compliance Program
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    The Metro Group's Cooling tower compliance programs are designed with three simple philosophies in mind:

    To keep NYC and NYS residents safe our compliance programs use the most advanced chemical treatment programs and equipment.  Legionella will occur in your cooling tower.  However, monitoring it, and reacting properly are keys to success in a cooling tower compliance program.
    To keep buildings compliant with all cooling tower related local laws we have designed comprehensive turn-key programs that address each and every required task.  We want to take full responsibility for your towers' compliance; not just the pieces that are convenient for us.
    To simplify coordination between owners, staff and vendors, The Metro Group is proud to take responsibility for each and every required task.  Coordination is simple: the building always knows what is going on, but The Metro Group is responsible.  There is no finger-pointing.