Corrosion Coupon Studies

Understanding metal loss could add years of life to your water system’s components and piping.  While it is common practice in the water treatment industry to measure rates of metal loss using “corrosion coupon studies,” it is amazing how many studies are carried out in error.  Many firms will provide this service to simply ‘check the box’ as a necessary service program task.  However, basic considerations for the study must include:

  1. Location of the Rack and Installation Practices
  2. Selection of Metals & Materials
  3. Coupon Placement and Orientation
  4. Temperature and Flow Characteristics
  5. Water Quality Considerations
  6. Interpretation of Results

Done correctly, a corrosion study can confirm that your system is well protected.  More importantly a good study can point out potential problems, even providing information that allows the Facility Manager to change course if necessary.  So, don’t settle for anything less than a technically-sound study, completed by a Water Treatment professional who has carefully considered these criteria and has answered your questions with competence.  Please reach out to your local Metro representative for more information on the six points mentioned above.

Written by:

John D. Caloritis, CWT

Technology Director

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