Effective August 1, 2018 Gas Test and Gas Finish self-certifications will no longer be allowed for work done in Brooklyn and Staten Island. A physical inspection witnessed by the Department of Buildings will be required.

All inspections must be requested using DOB NOW: Inspections. When requesting an inspection select one of the inspection types below:
PL – Up to 3 Requested Floors
PL – Up to 9 Requested Floors
PL – More than 10 Requested Floors (3, 9, and 10 refer to the total number of floors you are requesting to be inspected) Important Note: When requesting an inspection you must enter in the Additional Information box the specific type of inspection being requested as:

Gas – Test
Gas – Finish
For Advance Notices for Gas Test and Gas Finish inspections in Brooklyn and Staten Island, submitted before August 1, 2018, you will still be able to submit certifiable results in DOB NOW: Inspections 24 hours from the time you indicated on your Advance Notice.
To request an inspection please log onto DOB NOW: Inspections at For instructions on how to request an inspection using DOB NOW: Inspections please see the User Manual entitled Inspections: Requesting, Cancelling, and Viewing Results at: work inside individual units where the notice of violation was issued for a shared common space.

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