DOB Service Update

Beginning July 20, 2018, the Department’s L2 Form with the revised date of 08/17 in the lower right corner will no longer be accepted. Applicants or property owners must submit the updated L2 Form with the revised date of 06/18 when requesting an override, reduction or waiver of civil penalties for work without a permit.

The revised 06/18 L2 form and instructions clarify the eligibility requirements for overrides of civil penalties when submitting No Relationship to Violation (NRV) requests.

Revised L2 Form and Instructions Download Form Download Instructions No Relationship to Violation (NRV) Where a work permit is being sought by a tenant/lessee or an owner for a commercial space that neither addresses the existing work without a permit violation, nor is connected to the violation in any way.

The permit being sought must be to the benefit of an occupant not sited in the notice of violation. For residential spaces this applies only to condominium or residential cooperative owners for work inside individual units where the notice of violation was issued for a shared common space.


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