Does my Healthcare Facilities Accreditation require Legionella Testing?

Auditors with Healthcare Accreditation agencies such as The Joint Commission (JCAHO) will be looking for Water Management Plan documents as of June 2017. The CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), with the issuance of S&C 17-30, requires that all Hospitals, Critical Access Hospitals and Long-Term Care facilities implement a water management program that includes control measures and environmental testing to reduce the risk of Legionella in any water system with the potential for human contact. Control measures may include temperature management, disinfectant level verification and visual inspections. Environmental testing refers to lab analysis of water samples to test for the presence of pathogens such as Legionella. Every facility is different, so consult with a Water Treatment professional to validate your facilities approach to Water Management and compliance with the CMS requirement.

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