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Much information has been put forth concerning the need for green, sustainable technologies to protect our planet and our indoor/outdoor environments. Unfortunately, when it comes to a conversation about chemical water treatment for HVAC and Industrial systems, some have suggested that since ‘chemicals’ are employed, the industry cannot possibly be Green. This sentiment cannot be further from the truth. In fact, the Water Treatment industry is at the very foundation of Green. Building managers, Plant Engineers and Facility Managers will be first to confirm that water treatment is the primary driver to energy efficiency, water conservation, and capital preservation in each of their operations. For it is the consistent application of a professionally-designed treatment program that allows energy and water resources to be used efficiently in our buildings and factories. Without a carefully applied program, electric and fuel meters spin faster, water is wasted unnecessarily, and systems fail sooner. In fact, a well-directed chemical water treatment program will even ensure that the people (human resources) who work in the building and those dedicated to the operation itself, are not only kept safe, but can do their jobs efficiently, with the least amount of energy consumed. Get a good program from a reputable supplier. When in doubt ask for a CWT (Certified Water Technologist) working for a member firm of the Association of Water Technologies.

Written by:
John D. Caloritis, CWT
Technology Director
The Metro Group, Inc.
John is Chair of the AWT (Association of Water Technologies) Cooling Water Committee and a Member of the Association’s Legionella Task Force

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