Guaranteed Fine For Your Building

If you own, or manage a building that owns and operates a cooling tower you already know; NYC is looking fine you for even the smallest deviation from Local Law 77.

One aspect of the law that you may not be aware of is that your annual cooling tower certification document must be uploaded to the Department of Buildings (DOB) website. Most operators think that having their certification on site, or uploading it to the Department of Health’s website is sufficient; but it’s not. If you don’t upload it to the DOB website you WILL receive a fine, and the ECB/OATH Hearing Officers WILL NOT dismiss that fine (if you are lucky they may reduce the amount).

The certifications are due by November 1st and can be uploaded here:

For assistance with your annual certification and expert cooling tower compliance work from the NYC’s best and longest standing water treatment company please call the Metro Group at 718-729-7200

For more information on cooling tower compliance: COOLING TOWER COMPLIANCE OVERVIEW

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