Heat Flux and Boiling Regimes: Part 3

In an ideal world, all the waterside metal surfaces inside your steam boiler would be exactly 86°F / 30°C above the boiling point when the burner is firing. This would result in perfect boiling everywhere throughout your boiler, maximizing the operating efficiency.  While this isn’t fully achievable in the real world, the manufacturer typically designs the boiler for Region I / II operation by providing at least 5 ft2 of heat transfer surface area per Boiler Horsepower. This ensures sufficient heat transfer surface area inside the boiler to avoid Region III / IV boiling.

By performing routine preventative maintenance (annual fireside cleaning, periodic waterside cleaning, and annual burner overhaul/tune-up) you will keep your steam boiler operating in tip-top shape and avoid Region III / IV boiling. Call your Account Manager at the Metro Group today to learn more about our preventative maintenance services!




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