Legionella Testing: Establishing Actionable Plans

By John Caloritis

In non-regulated geographies across the USA, building owners face important decisions related to Legionella prevention.  In the minds of many, the question remains “should we test or not?” The good news is that many owners are beginning to participate in pro-active Legionella prevention including testing of building water systems for Legionella.  This is due primarily to increased awareness offered through ASHRAE 188 and the CDC as well as relevant advancement of information from a broad spectrum of expert sources, such as the AWT.  This is good news for the industry and for the occupants of our buildings and health care facilities.  Of course done in a vacuum,  the decision to test water systems could actually lead to the discovery of the bacterium, which then raises a new series of questions for the unprepared owner.  What should be done about a positive result?  What level represents an actionable level?  How many samples should be taken?  How can levels now be reduced?  What follow up testing is needed?  What routine testing should be done?  Who and how will ensure that work is accomplished?  The answer to all of those questions lies in the development of a formal Water Management Plan.  The WMP is created specifically for the property where a potential hazard exists and once developed follows a logical decision tree that allows decisions to be expedited in response to proactive water system maintenance.  If you are worried about Legionella prevention,  how to get started or even what to do about some testing recently performed, begin your process with the right first step.  Develop a Water Management Plan built from the ASHRAE 188 platform – this tool provides your team with all the answers needed, tailored to address the potential hazards of an individual property.  Many credible companies can support you with WMP development.  The Metro Group is one of them, offering a wide range of Water Hygiene services that will get you on the right track.  Please speak to your representative today about how to get started.

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