Legionella & Water Management

The Metro Group specializes in providing turn-key, full-service Water Management programs for HVAC and potable water systems to Commercial, Institutional, Industrial and Healthcare clients. In the geographies we service, The Metro Group differentiates itself by having the largest, most capable service and support teams in the water treatment industry. The Metro Group is a member of the Association of Water Technologists. Our Technical Director, John Caloritis, CWT, is the current chair of the AWT Cooling Committee and is a member of the AWT Legionella Task Force. The Metro Group is proud to employ the most CWT’s, Certified Water Technologists, of any water treatment company, with the most CWT’s on the East Coast. The CWT is an individual recognized as a Qualified Person to oversee and administer Water Management Plans by industry standards, guidelines and regulations. The Metro Group has an in-house, ELAP Certified Laboratory for the testing of Legionella. The Metro Group currently manages and administers thousands of Water Management Plans for the Control of Water-borne pathogens in building water systems. Headquartered in Queens, NY, and as water experts, The Metro Group was in the unique position to work with governing agencies and clients to navigate and comply with the NYS Legislation, the first Legionella laws in the US, passed on the heels of the 2015 outbreak in the Bronx.

Turn-Key Water Management Plans

The Metro Group has designed it’s offering of turn-key Water Management Services to be a one-stop shop for the control of water borne pathogens in building water systems from Plan creation and implementation, all the way thru to Remediation.  Our common-sense, risk-based approach to Water Management is based on our first-hand experience working with governing agencies and clients to develop plans that cost effectively reduce the risk of Legionella in building water systems to keep building occupants safe and comply with regulations and guidelines.  We promote measured responses based on our Risk assessments, but also have the bandwidth and capability to respond within 24 hours to emergencies with on-site Disinfection Teams & Equipment should the need arise.

Services include the following:

  • Water Management Plan Document Templates & Collection
  • Membership on WMP Team & Participation in Periodic Review Meetings
  • Consultation & Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Chemical Water Treatment Programs
  • Labor to Collect Samples
  • Sterilized Sample Bottles
  • Overnight Shipping & Handling to Laboratory
  • Chain of Custody Documentation
  • Legionella Test Results from CDC Elite Certified Laboratory including:
    • LP detection with Sero Group Identification
    • pH, Temperature and Disinfectant Level at time of Collection
  • HPC (Bacteria) Sampling
  • Certificates of Compliance
  • Interpretation & Analysis of Lab Results

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