Metro Customer Portal and App

For 95 years the Metro Group has strived to constantly add value to our clients and to make their lives easier. The Metro Customer Portal, available on a desktop version and via an App on your phone to all of our contract customers does just that. Customers can chat real-time with their dedicated Account Manager, access their contract information, view and pay invoices and review their Metro service history. In NYC specifically, the Customer Portal allows you to view and manage City and Sate violations, view and manage capitol equipment registrations and inspections, and easily request help in keeping their buildings compliance with all Local Laws. For more information click the tabs to the left. For a quick demonstration click here.

Compliance E-BINDER

A major benefit of the Metro Customer Portal for our clients is that we are able to remotely store all of the compliance related documents required by law. Cooling Tower compliance documents, DOB boiler inspections, Domestic Tank cleaning certificates, DEP Efficiency Test results; all things that inspectors can ask to see when on site. All of these items, if completed through The Metro Group, are saved and housed in your Customer Portal Account.

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