Modern HVAC Design

Modern HVAC design often employs a wide selection of metals which are used in system components and transmission lines.  New construction specifications require protection for systems comprised of steel, copper, bronze, stainless steel, galvanized and even aluminum.  In most cases, multiple metals are usually present in any given system.  In addition, some component suppliers specify/demand unique water chemistry conditions for their component, while they may or may not be compatible with protection strategies for other parts of the system.  Talk about a delicate balancing act! These facts require that careful consideration be given to corrosion control and to metal preparation/passivation.  Corrosion monitoring beyond warranty periods ensures consistent protection, smooth operations, and extended equipment life.  Facility Managers and Plant Engineers are encouraged to lean heavily on the water treatment industry for guidance and support.  The Metro team is in your corner.  Our product line is flexible and capable of handling this balance.   Cleaning/passivation strategies are also designed with these variables in mind.

Written by:

John D. Caloritis, CWT, Technology Director The Metro Group, Inc.

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