NYS Cooling Tower Compliance

The Metro Group guarantees to reimburse the cost of any NYS fines related to our cooling tower compliance work

NYS Cooling Tower Compliance Overview

The Metro Group is the only company capable of providing true turn-key services to keep your cooling tower compliant with NYS’s cooling tower compliance laws. Each item required by NYS is listed below and no other company can offer to complete them all. In addition, our exclusive E-BINDER houses the required documents for each of the items below in one easy to access central location. If you chose to use Metro for all of the items below your building will NEVER have to pay a cooling tower fine!

  • Maintenance Program and Plan (MPP) creation compliance with NYC LL77
  • Monthly Water Treatment visits
  • Chemical feed and control equipment packages with remote monitoring
  • Monthly bacteria testing, record keeping and repair response for elevated levels
  • 2x/year cooling tower cleaning and disinfection
  • 90 day Legionella Sampling
  • 90-day tower inspections
  • NYS cooling tower portal registration and management
  • Annual Certification
  • Exclusive E-BINDER for remote cooling tower documentation management

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