Point of Entry

Once the Ruling to move forward with a natural gas conversion is received, a” POE” or “Point of Entry” appointment needs to be requested.  The POE is that location where Con Edison, or some other Natural Gas Utility, and the contractor, determine that the new gas service will enter the building.  Multiple factors need to be evaluated to select an optimal POE location. Therefore, upon request of a POE appointment, an on-site meeting is scheduled to determine a suitable location. At this meeting, field notes are generated by Con Ed which outline the interim inspection requirements and the next steps in the process, as well as show the selected POE in any available architectural site plans of the building.  The building, property and curb lines are important linear references for the POE to be accurately located. The nearest fixed reference point to the POE should be utilized for this purpose.

It is ideal to have a Contractor help you prepare for and walk you through the POE process. For additional assistance with his matter or any other related to your potential Oil-Gas Conversion, please call (201) 488-5151.

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