Remote Monitoring & Control

The Metro Group is proud to offer a full line of On-line Monitoring and Control products that utilize the latest in remote sensing technology for water treatment programs.  These On-line Systems give users the ability to view real-time system data, be alerted to issues as they happen, and remotely control and adjust system parameters, all over the Internet.  On-line Systems can tie into existing Building Automation Systems, or be completely stand-alone, with Ethernet, Wifi, Cellular, ModBus or BacNet connections available.

  • Benefits of On-line Monitoring
    • Increase Operational & Energy Efficiencies
    • Optimize Program Performance
    • Prevent Down-time
    • Catch Costly System Upsets Before They Happen
  • Features Available
    • Web Based Communication
    • Live Data Readings
    • Data Logging
    • Data Trending & Analysis
    • Remote Program Adjustment
    • Email Notifications
    • Alarms Notification by Email or Text
    • Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Cellular Connections
    • BACnet & Modbus Options

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