Safety & Hygiene Products

The Metro Group strives to be your one-stop-shop for building services. With the Coronavirus pandemic creating new “normal”, and new needs for our clients, we have been hard at work leveraging our existing products and services to create new lines and offerings in response to market demand. As an essential business, we have been proud to be able to continue to fulfill our service obligations to clients while curating a growing line of Safety & Hygiene products aimed at assisting our clients in staying in compliance with the evolving landscape of guidelines and regulations pertaining to COVID-19.

Hand Sanitizer & Spray Disinfectant

Our history as a chemical manufacturing company affords us special relationships with chemical suppliers, and we have the capability to blend our own chemistries. We have EPA registered disinfectants and FDA Approved Hand Sanitizer in stock and we are taking orders now, with priority given to Schools, Healthcare and existing clients.

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