Safety & Hygiene Products

The Metro Group strives to be your one-stop-shop for building services. With the Coronavirus pandemic creating new “normal”, and new needs for our clients, we have been hard at work leveraging our existing products and services to create new lines and offerings in response to market demand. As an essential business, we have been proud to be able to continue to fulfill our service obligations to clients while curating a growing line of Safety & Hygiene products aimed at assisting our clients in staying in compliance with the evolving landscape of guidelines and regulations pertaining to COVID-19.

Janitorial Services – Surface Disinfection

Disinfection Services are now available. This service includes the application of an EPA Approved Disinfectant to all clean, High-Touch Point hard surfaces.

High-Touch Point hard surfaces typically include Door Handles, Elevator Panels, Work Desks, Water Cooler Faucets, Sink Faucets, Refrigerator Handles, Light Switches, Countertops, etc. Of course, this list can be customized to meet the needs of your facility.

If your building has been closed and plans are being made to disinfect before re-opening, or if your facility has remained open and you are looking for on-going service, we can cater to your requirements.

The CDC recommends to “Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily.” We have a large, skilled workforce ready and able to help you maintain clean and disinfected public areas in your building. All technicians are licensed Commercial Pesticide Applicators where required. All disinfectants are EPA Approved, effective against corona virus.

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