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The Metro Group strives to be your one-stop-shop for building services. With the Coronavirus pandemic creating new “normal”, and new needs for our clients, we have been hard at work leveraging our existing products and services to create new lines and offerings in response to market demand. As an essential business, we have been proud to be able to continue to fulfill our service obligations to clients while curating a growing line of Safety & Hygiene products aimed at assisting our clients in staying in compliance with the evolving landscape of guidelines and regulations pertaining to COVID-19.

Stagnant Water – Hyper-Chlorination For Building Reopening

Buildings that have been shut down or have had limited operation with reduction in normal water use can create hazards for returning occupants, as stated by the CDC. One potential microbial hazard that should be considered prior to reopening a building is Legionella, which occurs in stagnant water and is the cause of the respiratory illness Legionnaire’s Disease. Additional hazards include changes in water chemistry that cause corrosion, leaching of metals such as lead, and sewer gases that may have entered building water systems through dry drain traps.

The Metro Group can assist with the flush and Hyper Chlorination of building water systems prior to reopening. We have extensive experience performing flushes and chlorination’s of new and existing piping systems for the construction industry, and we are a qualified Water Management Consultant with extensive experience creating and implementing Water Management Plans that safeguard systems for waterborne pathogens.

Hyper Chlorination is a relatively straight forward process that includes adding an approved disinfectant at the buildings city water entrance. The disinfectant is dosed to the desired residual (> 50 ppm), and then held for a period of time up to 24 hours, allowing the disinfectant to kill bacteria present in the system. During the hold time, Metro technicians will monitor and maintain the disinfectant residual.

The Metro Group is ready to assist building owners and operators as they follow the CDC guidelines for Reopening Buildings After Shutdown or Reduced Operation to ensure the safety of building occupants upon re-entry.

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