Saving Money on your Facilities Water Bill

Many Pubic Water/Wastewater Providers offer “sewer abatement programs”. These programs are typically for irrigation, humidification, and cooling tower systems. The reason these programs are offered is because these systems create little or no waste stream. “Why pay a sewer charge when you are not putting anything into the sewer”. In the case of irrigation systems and humidification boilers, you will be required to install one dedicated water meter for each system. You will be charged for the water but will receive no sewer charge. In the case of cooling towers, you will be required to install two water meters. One meter will be for the makeup water to the tower and the second will be on the bleed/drain line. In this case, you will only be charged a sewer charge for the amount of water that you bleed from the cooling tower to control the dissolved solids. If this program is available from your supplier, you will see a significant reduction in your overall water/sewer bill. If you are not already taking advantage of this type of abatement program, it’s worth taking a few minutes to call your municipal provider to see if a program is available.

Brian Cusick- CWT, LEED GA
Technical Business Manager


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