Services & Repairs

The Metro Group has the largest fleet of service technicians in the geographies we service. Our Field Technicians are solely focused on service, with no obligations or requirements for selling. All Technicians hold the required licensing for water treatment per local requirements, and receive all required Safety and Chemical Handling training.

Heat Exchanger Cleanings

Heat exchangers are physical plant components, named and used to transfer heat (BTU’s) between interconnected systems in mechanical operations. Designs include shell & tube, or plate & frame. Common heat exchange occurs in water-to-water, steam-to-water, or refrigerant-to-water devices. In the case of process operations, heat may also be transferred into/from a product or process. Depending upon design requirements, they are also defined by the number of “passes” through the exchanger. Over-cycled water will precipitate scale deposits onto hot surfaces as it passes through the heat exchanger. A build-up of deposits can also contain accumulated minerals, excessive corrosion products, bio-film (in a cooling water), or any combination there-of. This causes a dramatic reduction in efficiency and increase in energy costs!

The Metro Group can assist with the addition of cleaning chemistry that is circulated through the heat exchanger, cleaning and de-scaling surfaces. This results in decreased energy and repair costs, and increased asset service life.

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