Services & Repairs

The Metro Group has the largest fleet of service technicians in the geographies we service. Our Field Technicians are solely focused on service, with no obligations or requirements for selling. All Technicians hold the required licensing for water treatment per local requirements, and receive all required Safety and Chemical Handling training.

Acid Cleanings

Did you know that scale with a thickness of just .025 inches in a colling system can result in a 22% increase in energy usage?? A chemical descaling procedure, or acid cleaning, is used to remove tenacious, mineral-based, waterside deposits formed on heat transfer/tube surfaces. Deposits in question would be at least 1/16th inch thickness or greater, & adherent. Preceding the cleaning procedure, laboratory testing would be conducted on a sample of the solids deposit present in the system so that the appropriate and most effective de-scaling solution is selected for the project.

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