Services & Repairs

The Metro Group has the largest fleet of service technicians in the geographies we service. Our Field Technicians are solely focused on service, with no obligations or requirements for selling. All Technicians hold the required licensing for water treatment per local requirements, and receive all required Safety and Chemical Handling training.

Boil Outs

An alkaline chemical boil-out is used to either remove loose “sludge” deposits from tube surfaces, or to remove oils/construction debris from new tube installations. In existing units, sludge is related to transported iron in seasonally operated steam heating boilers. New boilers (or new tubes added to existing boilers) require chemical cleaning for removal of oils, mill scale, and materials of construction. Operation with fouled tube surfaces will result in serious problems such as surging/carryover and will sacrifice corrosion protection.

Metro Boiling-Out Compound is an alkaline cleaning compound for removing waterside foulants, principally accumulated sludge. It will also remove oils, greases and other foreign matter (mill scale, welding flux, etc) resulting from tube rolling or construction.  The Metro Group will add our exclusive cleaning formula, then return to the site after the boiler has run for 24-48 hours,  and has been flushed and refilled, to add the corrosion inhibitors back in to the system.

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