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The Metro Group has the largest fleet of service technicians in the geographies we service. Our Field Technicians are solely focused on service, with no obligations or requirements for selling. All Technicians hold the required licensing for water treatment per local requirements, and receive all required Safety and Chemical Handling training.

Coil Cleanings For Air Handling Units

Waterside Chemical Cleaning of HVAC Coils

Devices commonly used to provide heat or cooling within a defined space are fan-coil units. Coils may be part of a central air-handling unit, or be separate stand-alone units. Fouling may occur within the small I.D. coils, which lead to flow restrictions, efficiency losses, or premature failure. The purpose of the waterside coil cleaning process is to remove waterside deposits and re-establish correct flow patterns. Metro cleaner selection is based upon an understanding of the deposit being removed. Mineral based deposits are often dissolved with low pH processes (acid cleanings), while blockages from corrosion products or bio-film would use a different product selection.

Airside Chemical Cleaning of HVAC Coils

Operating an HVAC coil with clean surfaces ensures that heat is properly transferred, and hence energy is utilized most efficiently. When the coil is a condenser from an A/C unit, the energy draw is excessive. When that coil is clean, head pressures drop and compressors run cooler and last longer. Coil cleaners work together with water pressure to remove air-side foulants and conserve energy. Surfaces to be cleaned include condenser coils, fins, fin-tubes, fan blades, eliminator blades, and general AHU surfaces.

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