Heat Exchanger Cleanings

Heat exchangers are physical plant components, named and used to transfer heat (BTU’s) between interconnected systems in mechanical operations. Designs include shell & tube, or plate & frame. Common heat exchange occurs in water-to-water, steam-to-water, or refrigerant-to-water devices. In the case of process operations, heat may also be transferred into/from a product or process. Depending upon design requirements, they are also defined by the number of “passes” through the exchanger. Over-cycled water will precipitate scale deposits onto hot surfaces as it passes through the heat exchanger. A build-up of deposits can also contain accumulated minerals, excessive corrosion products, bio-film, or any combination there-of. This causes a dramatic reduction in efficiency and increase in energy costs!

The Metro Group can assist with the addition of cleaning chemistry that is circulated through the heat exchanger, cleaning and de-scaling surfaces. This results in decreased energy and repair costs, and increased asset service life.