Services & Repairs

The Metro Group has the largest fleet of service technicians in the geographies we service. Our Field Technicians are solely focused on service, with no obligations or requirements for selling. All Technicians hold the required licensing for water treatment per local requirements, and receive all required Safety and Chemical Handling training.

Tower Cleanings

To maximize and to protect the waterside of any system, a well-planned and carefully controlled water treatment program is essential. A mere .024-inch-thick deposit of slime or mineral scale on the water side can result in as much as 20% loss in efficiency. This loss can be as high as 40% if the deposits are dense with slime and rust!

Lack of a planned maintenance program for controlling corrosion and deposits results in frequent replacement of components, poor reliability, reduced equipment life cycle and excessive energy consumption. Waterside maintenance takes two (2) forms:

  1. A water treatment program with chemical inhibitors is implemented to minimize corrosion and deposit.
  2. Physical Cleanings preceded with detergents and disinfectants to remove accumulated dirt and debris.

Cooling Tower Disinfection & Cleaning with The Metro Group includes charging the system with a specially formulated alkaline disinfectant cleaner. The system is operated for 24-48 hours, drained and flushed thoroughly, then physically washed to remove all debris. The system is then refilled, and a sample is taken to assure the cleaning detergent and dirt have been completely removed from the system. Finally, a micro biocide is added to the system to inhibit bacteria growth.

This cleanout is recommended by OSHA and ASHRAE twice annually for all year round towers, and once annually in the fall for seasonal towers. Energy conservation by applying correct water treatment is the most effective benefit to an owner to control energy costs. Deposits can be prevented by effective water treatment, saving energy and increasing building profitability.

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