Steam Boiler Treatment for Breweries

Craft beer is on the rise in New York State and around the country. Many brew masters were making beer as a hobby before the craft beer trend even took off. Now they have turned a hobby from their garage into a local business in their hometown or city. So now that you have your business running for a few years, what are some pieces of equipment that business owners need to maintain to keep the business running while avoiding downtime and expensive repairs?

One major piece of equipment that gets overlooked is the small steam boiler that is sitting in the back room that only gets run maybe once or twice a week. This often get overlooked because of how little use it gets, so why would you need anything to prevent damage on equipment that doesn’t run at full capacity?

Why do I need steam boiler treatment?

What is steam boiler treatment and who should I trust with my steam boiler when it might not have even been treated before?

These may be some of the questions you are probably asking yourself right now. All steam boilers need water treatment regardless of how many day or hours they run. The more a steam boiler runs the better it is because you aren’t going from cold water that has been sitting for days, to upwards of 200 degrees in a matter of hours. This is a common use of the steam boiler in a brewery and that is why water treatment plays an important role in protecting your investment.

Proper water treatment for the boiler includes applying the right mix of chemistry to the system to help minimize the chances of damage to the tubes in the boiler. The treatment will coat the tubes and help minimize the stress caused from frequent changes in temperature.   Lack of treatment can lead to cracked or damaged tubes causing downtime and expensive repairs.

The Metro Group has been in business since 1925 and has extensive experience, knowledge and understanding of how to maintain a variety of systems. For the past few years we have worked with several breweries; some that are just starting out and building a reputation and others that have been around for many years. Our goal is always the same; we want to make sure we can provide the best water treatment service and treatment program that best fits the needs of the steam boiler at your facility.

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