The New Normal

Having been deemed an essential business, we have continued to service all our customers during these challenging times. While non-essential businesses remain closed, in many states, the thought process as to how to safely reopen is being planned by both businesses and government.

While we cannot speak for others, we have decided on our plan for our office’s as well as how we will be handling our interactions with our customers, in the field.

We have reduced the amount of employee’s in our office to approximately one-third of the in-office staff and have limited access to our building. Only essential deliveries have been allowed. All hard surfaces and high touch points are cleaned with disinfectants twice per day during the week. Additional cleanings are done by an outside vendor on the weekends. All employees in the office are practicing social distancing, hand sanitizer is readily available throughout our office, and masks and gloves are being worn whenever it is not possible to maintain a safe distance.

All our service techs are wearing gloves, and masks while on the property of our customers. Additional PPE is available, if required. The service technicians are regularly disinfecting all the touch points in their trucks and on any equipment that they handle when performing the routine functions of their work.  Wherever possible, we are attempting to enter the mechanical rooms directly through doors that open to the outside of the building to avoid contact with the building occupants. When this is not possible, we are practicing social distancing.

The Metro Group has been fortunate enough to source a substantial amount of hand sanitizer and cleaners which are being stocked in our company warehouse’s and are available to our customers.

We encourage our customers to continue to maintain the proper levels of water treatment in their systems. Failure to do so will result in system failures and additional energy cost. If a building will be shut down for an extended period, please contact your account manager so that arraignments can be made to properly lay up the system during the closure.

While restrictions will be lifted and social distancing will likely be relaxed, it is the Metro Groups plan to keep all these practices, in place, through 2020 and beyond, if necessary.

Please be assured that the safety of our customers and employees is our primary mission during these challenging times.

Stay Safe 😊 Work Safe

Brian R. Cusick, CWT LEED GA

The Metro Group, Inc.

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