Understanding A Cooling Tower MPP Series: Part 2

Part 2. System Identification

As part of the requirements when compiling a management program and plan, the Department of Health asks that a qualified person includes a system identification section. This portion of an MPP is supposed to include the following:

1.The number of cooling towers in the cooling tower system
2.The location of each cooling tower in relation to the building and the building address, block and lot number.
3.The Dimensions and characteristics of the cooling tower system including total recirculating water volume, cooling tower tonnage, biocide delivery method, flow rate and other key characteristics
4.The purpose of the cooling tower system and seasonal or year-round operation including start and end date, if applicable. For systems with multiple cooling towers, conditional operation, such as cycling or scaling related to cooling demand, must also be noted.
5.The New York City Department of Buildings registration number for each cooling tower.
6.The cooling tower manufacturer model number and serial number, if applicable.
7.A flow diagram or schematic of the cooling tower system, identifying all the principal components and appurtenances of the cooling tower system including makeup water and waste stream plumbing locations.

Example System Identification containing all required sections of RCNY 8-03 Subsection (b)

This data will provide some crucial information to the inspectors on site in allowing them to have a deeper understanding of how the system is used, what it is used for, and understand how chemical treatment is being applied to the system. Failure of this section being complete will not only lead to a violation of section RCNY 8-03 for the MPP’s sufficiency, but can also lead to a violation of section RCNY 8-05f4 which requires the sampling locations to be clearly defined within the flow diagram.

Example Flow Diagram containing all required elements from RCNY 8-03 Subsection (b)(7)

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