Understanding a Cooling Tower MPP Series: Part 3

Part 3. Risk Assessment

The next section required to be included in preparation of a management program and plan is the risk assessment. Naturally, this is one of the most important components of the plan as it will segregate and identify a number of factors specific to the site that will dictate risk management, and minimize risk of legionella. As required by RCNY chapter 8 the risk assessment must evaluate the following data:

  1. Any dead legs or stagnant water in the recirculation system
  2. Operating configurations and conditions that may occur after periods of extended inactivity lasting more than three (3) days, including idling or low circulation while not being fully drained.
  3. System parts that require continual operation throughout the year making regular, periodic offline cleaning and disinfection difficult.
  4. Any components that may add additional risk factors for organic material buildup and microbial growth such as strainers and out-of-use filters.
  5. Sources of elevated organic contamination, including, but not limited to windblown debris, bird waste and plant material
  6. Design configurations that present risk of direct sun exposure on basin, deck or fill.
  7. Ventilation intakes or other routes for human exposure to cooling tower aerosols.
  8. System components adversely affecting water quality management procedures.
  9. Other risk or limiting factors or constraints in the cooling tower system’s design and functioning.

By virtue of collecting the following data it allows the qualified person for the cooling tower to create a proper treatment protocol that will factor in any extraneous information that will require treatment to diverge from a standard program. The risk assessment will also factor in external elements that could adversely affect the cooling tower itself. Finally, this will also identify areas that need to be continually monitored for change, this ties in with the weekly visual inspection requirement (8-04a).

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