Understanding a Cooling Tower MPP Series: Part 5

Corrective Action

As part of an MPP it is required to denote how corrective action will be carried out as per DOH requirements shown in tables 8-1 and 8-2 of RCNY Chapter 8. The following items are categories that need to be monitored and have corrective action taken if necessary.

  • Bacteria dip slides that come back with a result greater than 10,000 cfu will require a corrective action which varies based on the level of the result, and if there are consecutive weeks of high results.
  • Positive Legionella concentrations greater than 10 cfu will also require differing forms of corrective action depending on the level.
  • Finally pH, Conductivity, Total Chlorine, and Inhibitor levels can also require corrective action if there is a pattern of being either below or above the recommended level limits.

Documenting these actions is crucial to ensure that proper necessary action is taken when a cooling tower returns what could be a dangerous result. Having this information contained within an MPP will allow the Department of Health to ensure that proper results exist as laid out within the plan. Below is a copy of the NYC tables outlining necessary corrective action.


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