Understanding a Cooling Tower MPP Series – Part 7

Notification and Communication Strategies

For the last part of our MPP series we will talk about the communications requirement of RCNY 8-03. This component requires a management program & plan to identify how results from cooling tower related activities will be received by different team members, and ultimately notification given to the department of health if necessary. This area will also spell out the flow of results that require corrective action will be communicated and acted upon. Items that need to be covered by communication strategies are:

  • Process control activities (3x weekly testing, 1x week visual inspection etc…)
  • Weekly bacteriological indicators (i.e. dip slides)
  • Legionella Samples
  • Tower Inspection Reports
  • Any other cooling tower related monitoring or activities to maintain the system

By having this component in place, the department of health will have an understanding of how corrective action is to occur, and which team members responsibility certain aspects will fall under in relation to responding to the condition. As with other requirements during an annual inspection the Department of Health will verify if adequate documentation exists when referenced against the notification protocol.

For any help pertaining to Notification and Communication Strategies or any other MPP needs, please reach out to The Metro Group at 718-729-7200

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