Full-Service Water Treatment Program’s with The Metro Group are designed to protect and optimize valuable capital equipment while taking the burden off facility personnel. Full-Service programs eliminate chemical handling by facility personnel and reduce the amount of chemical required to be stored. Regularly scheduled service visits include water parameter testing with electronic reporting, program adjustment, chemical inventory control, and calibration and programming of feed & control equipment.

Reduce Energy Cost With Water Treatment

How does Water Treatment result in Energy Savings for my Building?

The primary functions of a Chemical Water Treatment program for heating and cooling systems that use water as a heat transfer medium are the control of scale, corrosion and microorganisms.

Left untreated, water will cause scale or mineral deposits to form on heat transfer surfaces, thereby reducing efficiency and increasing energy costs. Exposed to untreated water, metal is subject to corrosion. The corrosion of metal equipment, such as piping, boilers, cooling towers, chillers and heat exchangers, leads to costly repair and maintenance. Similarly, left unchecked, the growth of microorganisms in water systems can contribute to corrosion and efficiency loss.

The growth of Bacteria such as Legionella Pneumophila can also lead to unsafe conditions for building occupants. Properly administered Chemical Water Treatment Programs have the added benefit of reducing water usage, especially in Cooling Water systems.

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