What are Auditors asking for when looking at Water Management Plans to reduce the risk of Legionella?

Since the CMS’s publication of the memo requiring Healthcare facilities to adopt a Water Management Plan and to conduct regular Legionella testing to reduce the risk of Legionella in building water systems in June of 2017, the most common question we get from our clients is “What will the Auditors be asking for?”  Well, we now have firsthand experience on the subject.  In the Real Estate business, the saying is Location, Location, Location.  For Water Management, we’d have to say it’s Documentation, Documentation, Documentation.

In each instance where our clients have had visits from certifying agencies and government regulators, the first question on Water Management is “Can I see your Plan?”  The physical documentation of your facilities Water Management Plan for the reduction of the risk associated with Legionella in building water systems is paramount for staying in compliance.  Your Plan Document binder should include the most recent test results, maintenance logs, really anything related to implementation of the control measures and corrective actions laid forth in the plan document.  The more documentation the better.

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