What is a Boiler (ECB) Violation and Why Did I Get One?

An ECB (The Environmental Control Board) violation is issued by the Department of Buildings when a property does not comply with a part of the New York City Construction Codes and or Zoning Resolution.”

These violations are received via an inspector visiting your site and writing up any violating conditions in regards to the boiler room and the boiler(s) themselves. Unlike Annual boiler inspections, where all it takes to receive the violation is the city seeing that a filing was not done during any given calendar year, a number of these possible violations relate to code compliance for the operation of a boiler in NYC. These kinds of violations range from required repairs to the boiler vessel and/or burner, upgrades and add-ons (primarily for safety reasons) to the boiler vessel and/or burner, timely compliance with all filing and reporting requirements for the boiler, as well as items that need to be addressed to make the boiler room itself (again, primarily for safety reasons mandated by city agencies) compliant with city code.

It is possible to get a boiler violation for one of many of the reasons above.  But perhaps the most common violation is simply failing to meet the triennial filing requirements.  Boilers that are required to be registered with the Department of Buildings must also have a Triennial application from the Department of Environmental Protection, if applicable. For these cases, the client must always maintain their triennial filing requirements; as if they are not met in a timely fashion, a violation is automatically issued by the visiting city representative/inspector.

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