What is a Load Letter and Why Is It Important?

When a Building decides that they want to convert their oil burning boiler to one fired on natural gas, one of the first steps in the project is to complete and submit a gas “Load Letter” to Con Edison. This Load Letter can be submitted by either authorized personnel for the building or agents engaged to work on the building’s behalf such as an engineer or contractor. The Load Letter lists and describes the existing gas burning equipment for the building and their associated gas loads as well as the proposed, new equipment to be installed along with those associated gas loads. The completed Load Letter is then submitted to Con Edison for review.  During that review, the Engineering department at Con Edison uses the information contained in the Load Letter to determine if the existing Gas Service to the building is adequate or if it will need to be upgraded to accommodate the greater projected gas loads.  Upon completion of Con Edison’s review, a gas ruling and service layout is sent to the customer, contractor, or whoever is listed on the load letter as a contact. The Building can now proceed ahead with their Gas Conversion Project.

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To fill out a load letter or learn more – https://www.coned.com/en/save-money/convert-to-natural-gas/

See a Sample Load Letter Below:

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